A long time ago… when the guys all had thick, lustrous hair…

The Offtopics were in their fusty mancave praying to a tiny terracotta idol of Jo Jo Zep for support when the statue spoke in a low musty dusty tone:

“Are you listening closely, boys?”

“Yes, Uncle Joe”, breathed The Offtopics.

Satisfied, the clay idol went on – with just the hint of a Maltese accent.

“You shall have the support you desire.  Henceforth your spirit animal is…” The little clay man paused for effect.

“What is it, Uncle Joe?!” The Offtopics asked breathlessly.

“Your spirit animal is THE HONEYDRIPPER!”

“Uh… what?” said The Offtopics but the little earthenware man spoke no more…

That was the beginning of the first great schism in The Offtopics.  Dan and Linc thought it referred to this 1978 number by The Falcons:

“But how can a song be a spirit animal?” wondered Mark, who thought it was more likely that a honeydripper is someone who empties drop toilets.

Anyway it all made sense when it was announced that The California Honeydrops were coming to town and they’ve asked The Offtopics to be their support at The Northcote Social Club on November 26th.

The California Honeydrops make just the kind of N’Orleans Fonk sound we like.  Check them out after you come see The Offtopics at the NSC.

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