goes Live!

Musicians famously bide their time, hone their act and polish their material in their bedrooms. In The Offtopics’ case the bedroom has been greater Brunswick as they’ve discreetly established their funny, funky sound in low-key venues such as Bar Oussou, The Brunswick Bowls Club and the Moreland City Band Hall. To give birth to something special you have to be thorough which is why the band went through a nine-month gestation period in the Brunswick Mechanics’ Institute front bar.

The time has finally come to leave the warm, womb-like embrace of that figurative bedroom and squint red-faced at the world bellowing “We Are Here! We ARE HERE!!”

These days that means getting together some demos as well as some decent photos for your website and social media. Cutting a demo was easy. With gigging experience going back to the 80’s the band had the nouse, the chops and the networks to whip up recordings early on capturing all the slink and the kink of their signature sound without leaving the guitarist’s lounge room.

Images were harder. The Offtopics knew it would take all the skills and experience of an artist who has photographed stars like Bono, Bob Geldof, Gotye and Kimbra to make them look good. The boys had some luck and managed catch the highly accomplished Emma Phillips in a moment of weakness. Emma gazed undeterred at this motley band of misfits with their combined age of 316 (and a combined weight of half a metric tonne). With a cavalier flick of her SLR she created the “Holiday in Vegas” series of headshots you see on the band’s ‘About’ page.

So HEAR The Offtopics and SEE them as well online at and BOOK them for your next event.